Sunday, 21 January 2018

Cessna 180K ZK-DBA

I finally caught up with Skyfarmers Aviation Ltd's Cessna 180K Skywagon ZK-DBA2 (c/n 18053022)  in their hangar, about 8 clicks south of Methven, on Thursday.

Below is what NZ Aviation News Magazine said about it.
It is always nice to see another Cessna 180 come ashore. 
A new listing for February 2017 is the 180K which became ZK-DBA2 on 08-02-2017 for Skyfarmers Aviation Ltd of Methven where it will join the Air Tractor AT402B ZK-SAT, the AT504 ZK-SKF and the Fletcher FU24-950M ZK-BII. 
This 180 was built by Cessna Aircraft and listed to them as N2641K before shipping out to Australia where it became VH-SAA3 on 02-07-1979 – I believe with the Salvation Army (Qld) at Longreach, Queensland. 
Other owners include K M Arnott Pty Ltd of Telleraga Station near Moree in NSW; Delmont Dale Pty Ltd with a Singapore address; then Alan Begg of Rushcutters Bay, NSW. 
Allan re-registered it as VH-IMC­5 on 30-04-1998. 
The photo below shows VH-IMC5 as at 22-04-2007.
Not long after this photo it was sold to William R Mailer of Riddells Creek, Victoria, who re-registered it as VH-WRM4 (his initials) from 09-10-2007. 
It was ferried from Scone to Lord Howe Island on 15-01-2017; into Kerikeri on the 16th and down to Timaru on the 17th where it gained its NZ certification with AVTEK. 
The earlier ZK-DBA allocation was to an AESL Airtourer 115.
Its VH registration was canceled on 02-02-2017 
Above we see it at Timaru on 06-02-2017 in full VH-WRM markings
It became ZK-DBA on 08-02-2017.
Below is the insignia as seen on the fin.
Below - by 16-02-2017 it was minus it propeller.
And was pushed (below) into the AVTEK hangar later the same day.
Next day - the 17th - it was almost minus its VH markings.
Below as seen at Methven on Thursday.

Around Auckland

A visit to Auckland Airport offered the Airways Corporation Piper PA42-1000 Cheyenne ZK-FIS which was imported from Australia in November 2017.

Also outside was the Air Chathams Convair CV580 ZK-KFH,  acquired in February 2017,  in front of the 2 SAAB 340Bs just flown down from Guam

Other than Air NZ and corporate helicopters all black aircraft are not that common here but joining this group recently is Auckland based Cessna 152 ZK-JFY.

From the other side of 'the Hill'

 Looking over the snout of the Porter at the western side of Mount Cook yesterday (20-01-2018).
Is that cirrus floccus above ?
Photo by Nathan Graham.

Saturday, 20 January 2018


The local Pauanui Menz Shed organised a fund raising parachute drop via a team of 5 from the RNZAF, and they used Fly My Sky BN2A Islander ZK-PIY for the task,  now fitted with a parachute drop door

To add to the event Venom ZK-VNM did a number of low level passes before heading south to Tauranga

An earlier visitor was the privately owned RAM 160hp Cessna 172M conversion ZK-WTD from New Plymouth.

The pick of my week.

The 'Bluebus' was down South Canterbury way during the last few days.
Below are four photographs taken on this journey.
First sighting was the Micro Aviation Bantam B22J ZK-JQL (c/n 05-265) purring quietly over Caroline Bay at Timaru.
 It has been with Brent Findlay since first being registered on 27-04-2005.
Outside its hangar at Timaru's Richard Pearse Airport was the Bell 206B JetRanger ZK-ISM2 (c/n 3667) of Southern Wide Helicopters Ltd.
Built in July 1982 it served time in Texas and Oregon before going to Japan in February of 1988 to become JA9746.
It entered the NZ register on 04-04-2011 with Helicopters Otago Ltd at Taieri before transfer to Heli South Ltd at Balclutha that October.
It was relisted with Balclutha Helicopters from 13-05-2015 until being taken up by current operator Southern Wide Helicopters Ltd of Timaru from 04-07-2015.
Up at the Mount Hutt Helicopters 2013 Ltd's facility was their all white Eurocopter AS 350 BA ZK-IBC3 (2562). It has been with Mount Hutt since importation in February of 2012.
It has been covered several time previously on this blog Here.
Also out on their pad was the McDonnell Douglas 500N NOTAR ZK-IKG (c/n LN018).
You probably know this one better as being ZK-HBC4 until its re-registration to ZK-IKG on 06-09-2017.  
This change allowed the ZK-HBC letters to go to the North Shore Helicopters Eurocopter EC 120 ex ZK-HJW4.
Earlier posts on ZK-HBC can be found via the 'search' box toward top left of screen.