Sunday, 22 April 2018

Cessna 172S ZK-SWX.

Noted at Ardmore today by Magnaman was the Cessna 172S Skyhawk ZK-SWX.
This is c/n 172S10004 which began its NZ career on 16-11-2005 as ZK-XOX with Cherub Aviation Ltd of Auckland followed by a move to the North Shore Aero Club (Inc) on 10-07-2015.
The Little Aeroplane Co Ltd of Arrowtown took it over from 23-02-2016 before passing it to Southern Wings Ltd of Invercargill from 30-10-2017.
They re-registered it into the ZK-SW* block as ZK-SWX on 29-01-2018 where it joins their ZK-SWG, ZK-SWY and ZK-SWZ.
It carries the Southern Wings logo on its tail.

Loburn Abbey fly-in 21-04-2018

On Saturday the 21st of April Ivan and Sandy Campbell and Crew held an open day at their Loburn Abbey facility North of Rangiora.
The weather was initially great with a rather fickle wind which changed after lunch to a moderate North Westerly which convinced many of the visiting aircraft to scurry for home early.
The Nelson, Taranaki and Wanganui contingent, and the group from down south didn't make it because of the strong gusty North Westerlies on Thursday and Friday.
With all the movements I managed to count twenty four aircraft on the field during my time on site.
Two Titan T51 Mustangs and three Supermarine Aircraft Spitfire Mk26's made up the line up.
The Kerry Miller Titan T51 Mustang U/L ZK-DGM2, (Linda Lovelace) is seen here during a fly past.
The Pegasus Aviation Maule M-5-235C Lunar Rocket ZK-DWR (7234C) seen here departing back to Rangiora.
Followed by the ICP Savannah XL ZK-MHG (c/n 09-02-51-809) of Michael Glenn.
It was nice to see the R and B Bearhawk ZK-NJB2 (c/n 125-237/238-1242) from the Bearhawk Syndicate arrive (above) and to later (below) make a positive departure.

One that did make up from the South was the Vans RV 7 ZK-SBJ2 (c/n 70566) from the RV Syndicate at Wanaka.
The surprise for the day (for me) was the arrival of the seldom seen Stolp Starduster SA 100 ZK-SDI (c/n 14) which has been with Greg Ward since June of 2015.
All these aircraft have been mentioned previously on this site.
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Friday, 20 April 2018

ZK-NTO in action 15-4-18

Last Sunday (15/4) in variable weather conditions I had the opportunity to spend time with John Ponds of Cropdusters Ltd as he flew Gippsland GA200C Fatman ZK-NTO msn 200C9938 from a strip in the Ness Valley near Clevedon.

From the 70's and 80's.

Four photos from Graeme Stratton
 The Piper PA-18A-150 super Cub ZK-BPA (c/n 18-6175) at Centenial Park Taupo in 1972 whilst with Joe Keeley (Midland Recovery Ltd). 
ZK-BPA is still with us - having been with Blair Hoult of Knights Point Air Ltd since 2011 - now yellow overall.
 Over at Bridge Pa in 1974 or 1975 was the Cessna 185D ZK-CHS (1850793) during its time with Taupo Flying School and Air Services.
More on ZK-CHS HERE.
 Taken at Wanaka we see the Hiller UH-12E ZK-HDM (c/n2107) whilst it was with the Mead's at Dingleburn Station. (late 1980's ?)
Sold in 1994 it eventually succumbed to a heavy landing at Wanstead in 2001.
And near the Rangitikei River in the early 1980 the Hughes 369D ZK-HPW (c/n 870205D) of South West Helicopters Ltd with Pete Masters in command.
It was cancelled in October in 1982 following roll over damage. I believe this is the airframe at the Ferrymead Museum.